Silk Estate’s passion, experience and meticulous attention to detail will create amazing wedding day memories to treasure. From vast experience, we know how to plan a marquee wedding for every eventuality: those ‘What If’’ scenarios.

For ideas and inspiration, the first exciting step is to book a complimentary consultation with Toni May. From our first discussion, to subsequent consultations, Toni and her team are right by your side every step of the way, planning your special wedding day. In addition to Wedding Marquee Hire and Equipment Hire, we can tailor special wrap around services to fully manage your event on the day, taking care of all the details and any unexpected events that can occur.

As details are confirmed, such as the wedding location, date and guest numbers, we can discuss the finer details, including styling to your wedding theme, and vital details such as the lighting plan, heating, and power supply (Silk Estate’s generator has a 32 amp cable & RCD Splitter Box if required), and catering provisions and requirements. We can also discuss your preferences for a casual gathering in the marquee the following day; a chance to share another memorable experience with friends and family.


We create spectacular Marquee Weddings throughout Mid, South and the greater Canterbury region. Silk Estate will visit the wedding location to check suitability, and arrange the Code of Compliance with your local Council. Closer to the wedding day, we’ll mark out where the Marquee/s will be.  Two days before your wedding, we’ll return for installation.

On the day of your wedding we offer a “Wedding Venue Dressing Service” where we arrive early often around 7am dressing your head table,  set guest tables with cutlery, glassware and table theming elements, setting up the entrance way and bar area, test sound equipment, power sources and lighting.  Later, when we dismantle the marquee/s, we’ll leave the property as we found it. All you may need to do, is mow the site, then enjoy the wedding day… So easy. Though we know there’s often a flurry of gardening leading up to the day!

We’ll keep you informed: TIMELINE & RUN SHEET

Never feel overwhelmed with all the choices which are to be made. Toni May and her team can guide you on how best to bring your wedding and entire look together and can even recommend suppliers who can work within your wedding budget too.  Silk Estate will give you a very comprehensive document explaining what will happen by whom and when, as agreed with you.

This includes everything from marquee set-up and styling, delivery of hire accessories and equipment, flowers, refreshments, wedding cake, sound equipment, to every detail about the reception.



Silk Estate can recommend reputable, reliable suppliers; e.g. Wedding Planner, Caterer, Florist, Wedding Stylist, Musicians/Bands/DJ/Entertainers. We’ll work closely with your suppliers, providing them with Marquee Floor Plan/s, reception details, and we’ll check on their requirements; e.g. space, power supply, lighting, water supply.

Silk Estate’s philosophy is that we’re all part of a bigger team – there to make the wedding day easy, enjoyable, and unforgettable for you!


    It starts with listening- REALLY listening, so we can find out what their vision is, then make it happen. I love it when the whole family comes in - for example Mum, Dad, and the bride.

    Toni May

    A silk-lined wedding marquee is the perfect wedding venue - it gives our clients a blank canvas. We help them add their touch to it… I find that really exciting!

    Toni May

    It doesn’t really feel like ‘work’, because I love it so much! I’m always thinking ahead, so that clients don’t have to worry, and to ensure guests have an exceptional experience. It’s all in the detail; making sure every aspect is just right.

    Toni May

    It’s all about exceptional standards; delivering excellence. We devote ourselves to getting all the details right; so you can enjoy planning the wedding, and every precious moment on the wedding day.

    Toni May